The Company provides a comprehensive range of inspection services from our various strategically positioned operational bases in India as well as operational bases internationally. Covering the whole of the India, and neighbouring countries, Tubestar provides inspection, repair and maintenance services, and calibration services. Tubestar, now with its wide range of offshore, Marine, Petro-Chemical inspection products, technical expertise (supported by our worldwide alliance / joint venture companies), is uniquely placed to meet your inspection requirements. All the information needed to make an informed decision on your inspection services can be found on this website. Please contact us if you have any further queries or require pricing information.

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  • Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) inspections are carried out as per latest editions of API and DS-1 (3-5) guidelines.

  • Load testing is carried out by competent inspectors who are competent as per local regulations or qualified by LEEA / NSL. In addition they are certified to ASNT Level II.

  • Inspection of used casing or tubing is carried out in accordance with API Spec 5CT

  • Tubestar's experienced technicians conduct the crane inspection in accordance with API RD 2D standards and provide recommendations for repair or further inspections.

  • Tubestar has completed numerous inspections for Derrick as per API RP 4G guidelines – which is the recommended practices for use and procedure for inspection.

  • Tubestar is a member of the DROPS forum and supports the aims and objectives of the UK's Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS).

  • Tubestar can provide full range of pipe inspection ion sizes ranging from 2-3/8" to 6.5/8" while following customer's specifications and edition of DS-1 or API guidelines.

  • Only at places indications received prove-up is done with MPI.

  • Tubestar can inspect, test and certify all types of lifting appliances on location. We are a member of LEEA in the UK and follow the latest LOLER guidelines.

  • Rig inspection is a critical component in drilling a well and it is an integral part of preparation to spud a well

  • Rope Access Technicians traverse on ropes to access work locations while suspended by their harness.

  • Tubestar is accredited with ABS for performing thickness gauging as part of special periodic survey for mobile offshore drilling units.