NDT Inspection - MPI / LPT / UT / RT:

Tubestar has a proven track record in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). We have multidisciplinary inspectors for performing inspection using different NDT techniques like MPI / LPT / UT / RT depending on the requirements. All out NDT inspection personal are trained to internationally recognized standards with ASNT accreditation.

Lifting Gear Surveys – LOLER / API / BS

Tubestar can inspect, test and certify all types of lifting appliances on location. We are a member of LEEA in the UK and follow the latest LOLER guidelines. These survey provide a comprehensive register and database of all hoisting and lifting equipments on a drilling rig and includes both fixed and loose lifting gears. All the equipments are inspected to latest standards of LOLER / API / BS and manufacturers guidelines wherever applicable.

Proof Load Testing of pad eyes / cargo handling equipments / containers

Load testing is carried out by competent inspectors who are competent as per local regulations or qualified by LEEA / NSL. In addition they are certified to ASNT level II. Tubestar has in-house test facility tensile test beds for pull testing of loose lifting equipment like slings, shackles, etc up to 100 tons. We have customised hydraulic jacking units to load test pad eyes offshore up to 30 Tons. Hydraulic jacking unit is mounted on the pad eyes and load tested at required proof loads.

Crane Load testing / Inspection – API RP 2D

Tubestar's experienced technicians conduct the crane inspection in accordance with API RD 2D standards and provide recommendations for repair or further inspections. Static and Dynamic load testing are performed as per requirement and Tubestar can mobilize calibrated load cells and waterbags at short notice to carry out Crane load testing.

Derrick Survey as per API RP 4G

Tubestar has completed numerous inspections for Derrick as per API RP 4G guidelines – which is the recommended practices for use and procedure for inspection, maintenance and repair of drilling and well servicing structures. Qualified personal will carry out derrick inspection (Category III) survey in line with API RP 4G. Inspection focuses on load bearing components and members to determine the condition of mast / derrick and substructure. A comprehensive report as per the template of API RP 4G is prepared and submitted to client with recommendations. Rope access technics complement the inspection for Derrick bolt checks etc.

The thorough inspection process covers:

  • Gin pole construction, including platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
  • Upper and lower sections of the derrick stem, including all platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
  • Dolly track, including all Y-frame support beams, beam clamps and joint couplings
  • Dolly carriage guide rails, including upper, middle and lower sections
  • Racking board area, including the support frames, fingers straightness, latches, fingerboard access and all bolts and fasteners
  • Racking system, including all racking board supports, platforms and system supports
  • Derrick outfitting, including wind walls and any pipewort, such as vent lines or HP mud lines
  • Derrick safety slings and lifting equipment
  • Derrick structure footings
  • Derrick structural general condition
  • Percentage bolt tightness check – if required