About Us

The Company provides a comprehensive range of inspection services from our various strategically positioned operational bases in India as well as operational bases internationally. Covering the whole of the India, and neighbouring countries, Tubestar provides inspection, repair and maintenance services, and calibration services. Tubestar, now with its wide range of offshore, Marine, Petro-Chemical inspection products, technical expertise (supported by our worldwide alliance / joint venture companies), is uniquely placed to meet your inspection requirements. All the information needed to make an informed decision on your inspection services can be found on this website. Please contact us if you have any further queries or require pricing information.



Tubestar is committed in providing the Industry with a strong and reliable service that is so essential to a successful campaign.

Our commitment to the Industry remains that we will continue to add / train and qualify both personnel and equipment with best techniques / upgrades to enable the client with "confidence to go downhole every time". As an internationally based services organization our mission is to effectively enhance our customers operating efficiencies improving their operations. We will accomplish this objective by utilizing proven methods, experienced and qualified people, and innovative technical solutions to solve complex customer issues in a value added approach.



Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers. Listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs and then delivering services that translate into customer success are essential to earn customer loyalty. With this shared vision binding the Company together, from the individual employee through to the corporate level, we are continuing to strengthen our corporate culture with a sustained drive to reform, both the way we think and manage our business.

Growth comes on taking smart risks, based on the state of the industry that requires not only a conviction in studying the trends, but also in inducing changes in our industry. Our medium-to-long-term corporate vision clearly sets out how we visualize ourselves as a company, the direction in which we plan to progress, and the areas in which we aim to expand our business with great success.

This ensures that the services we deliver continue to cater to the actual needs while simultaneously pushing back technological boundaries.



What separates an average team from an extraordinary one is a sense of urgency, an ability to hustle and a need to do what is never been done before. Tubestar is driven by a desire to provide our customers with the superior, fit-for-purpose solutions and value added service. Our commitment to results is rooted in deep oilfield experience and is exceeded only by a desire to pioneer innovative solutions that make a difference.

We believe that Tubestar is on the right path of evolution with the commitment to succeed, serving our valued clients with at most care to offer an error free performance in an atmosphere of inconsistent demands of the markets. Our commitment to continuously progress the services we offer and value to customers will help us to reach our goal. We will be expanding our areas of operations, developing new business with technical experts and strengthening the capabilities of our service in a whole.



At Tubestar, we view quality holistically and as an integral part of our business management. Attitude or mindset and commitment enhance quality improvement, which is an essential business strategy and personal responsibility for everyone at Tubestar. Quality in management is vital for leveraging innovations and improving productivity in general. Our approach to this platform is process management, combining fact-based management with values-based leadership for which a key framework has been developed.

We believe that quality lies in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Taking this personally, we are able to deliver world-class quality to our customers. The quality and reliability of our products and services are the driving forces towards customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is also our source of inspiration, energy and excitement.

Tubestar provides the best possible inspections with the current strength of existing equipment and personnel. The company performs the inspections in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined as per international standards eg. API RP 7G and DS-1, ASME and ANSI Codes, which clearly elucidates equipment used for inspections, inspection performance, equipment calibration and standardization schedule, and making reporting procedures etc.

Tubestar also ensures that the safe keeping of equipment and appropriate technology is made available to our staff to enable them to carry out their functions in a professional manner. The Company has in support strong engineering and knowledge base for selection of equipment which meets international safety standards.

Development of a qualified Tubestar Inspector is attained through professional excellence, in house quality management courses and constant up gradation of technique and related skills on a continuous basis.

Housekeeping, Health and Safety aspects are addressed in a proficient manner, adapting the set principles and procedures and as outlined within the ISO requirements.



Tubestar aims to encourage employees to share the success that they make possible; to provide people with employment opportunities based on performance; to create a safe, exciting and inclusive work environment in them that values their diversity and recognizes individual contributions; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.

Tubestar's performance starts with motivated loyal employees. We trust our employees to do the right thing, everyone has something to contribute: immaterial of the position, which they hold within the company. A diverse workforce gives us a competitive advantage and strength to face any challenges.

Leaders inspire, foster collaboration and turn vision and strategies into action; with clear and focused goals. Leaders demonstrate self-awareness and a willingness to accept feedback and continuously develop. It is important to measure people on the results they achieve against goals they helped to create.



Tubestar is committed to providing development and training opportunities for all its employees so that:

  • They can contribute as effectively as possible to the achievement of Tubestar's overall objectives
  • They have appropriate opportunities to develop personally and to grow further their careers
  • They are supported at all levels by managers who have the right kinds of skills, knowledge and understanding
  • They acquire a range of knowledge and skills, both specialist and general, so that Tubestar develops a         workforce with a broad skill base

The following practices underpin the provision of development and training throughout Tubestar:

  • Induction training is provided for all new staff
  • Objectives are set for all development and training activities
  • Individual members of staff take active responsibility for their own development and training
  • Line managers have a responsibility for the development of their staff and are assisted to fulfil that responsibility
  • There is an on-going Tubestar training plan, based on training needs identified at individual, group and
  • organizational levels
  • Varied methods of provision are carefully considered so that the most appropriate are used for meeting
  • specific training needs
  • Where appropriate, development and training activities lead to nationally recognized academic, vocational and
  • professional qualifications;
  • All individual development and training activities will be evaluated and their effectiveness assessed