TUBESTAR has established high level of policies, controls and standards to optimize Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental performance in all operations of NDE, Load Testing, Product Inspection and allied specialized services.

To achieve this goal, TUBESTAR strives to continually improve employee competencies to meet product & service requirements for effective implementation of Quality & HSE policies on top priority.

TUBESTAR ensures compliance with all customers, applicable local and International legal and regulatory requirements related to services and operations. Moreover, TUBESTAR operates all its activities promoting a safe and healthy work environment eliminating risks to employees & other interested parties and at the same time causing no damage to the environment.



Ensuring TUBESTAR's services meet customer and regulatory requirements on quality & safety through operational suitability of the equipments for fit to use by qualified and certified personnel.

Carry out inspections & tests ensuring that no incidents and harm to employees & other interested parties and environment. Improve continually on service provision, Improve operational integrity through employee consultation on Quality & HSE matters.

Provide all necessary training and certification support to field staff to broaden their knowledge, exposure to new technology and service standards.


Quality Policy


The company stands committed to achieve and maintain excellence in service quality to meet or exceed customer, industry, applicable HSE, legal and other requirements and deliver services that we can justifiably be proud of.

We aim to improve the services we provide through continual improvement of QMS processes, developing and sustaining ethical practices in the countries we conduct business.

Our goals are

  • Delivery of Services and Inspection/Service Reports as needed within agreed time frame at every opportunity
  • Maintain and Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Maintain and enforce high standards of ethical conduct

We strive to achieve these goals through improvement of employees’ competencies and their involvement.

Quality objectives and targets are set annually for various functional levels and monitored periodically to support our goals.

TUBESTAR reviews this policy at least annually as an absolute minimum to ensure continued suitability to our business and operations.

HSE Policy


Tubestar is committed to meet or exceed customer requirements on OHSE and strict compliance with Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental regulatory requirements.

It is our policy to

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work related injury and/or ill health
  • Protect the environment to prevent pollution during provision of services following better practices
  • Eliminate hazards to the extent possible and reduce Occupational Health and Safety risks
  • Continually improve performance of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management system
  • Identify and comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to Occupational Health & Safety hazards and Environmental impacts of field inspection, recertification & maintenance of OCTG, rope access, NDE services, proof load testing, crane certification, lifting gear and equipment inspection, DROPS surveys, derrick surveys & remedials, UT hull thickness gauging, TPI services and any other specialized services under our scope
  • We are committed to adopt best practices, engineer solutions to minimize undesirable impacts to Occupational Health & Safety of employees and interested parties and Environment with participation and consultation of employees &/or their representatives in their areas of work.

Our goals are

  • no incidents,
  • no harm to employees & other interested parties and
  • no damage to the environment.

The company sets objectives and targets annually and reviews the progress periodically to ensure continual improvement/necessary actions.

These goals are achieved through implementation of positive health, safety and environmental culture operating in a continually improving OHSE management system.

Employees & other interested parties of TUBESTAR shall work in a healthy and safe working environment. They also have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment is achieved and maintained with no detrimental effect to others and environment.

Our employees and interested parties working for us/on our behalf are authorized to STOP work when they observe conditions dangerous to HSE and which need to be taken care of.

Training and advisory support is provided to improve competence of employees and other interested parties to achieve improvements in occupational health, safety and environmental management system.

This policy is reviewed at least annually as an absolute minimum to ensure continued suitability to our business & operations.